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Madrid 2017 Wraith Team Edition

Madrid Skateboards Wraith 2017

Pull off in a Wraith! The 2017 Wraith Team Edition has a mellow rocker W concave that's well suited to modern downhill freeriding and racing. Designed by team riders Cam Brick and Matt Deitch, follow them as they put the new deck to the test in the infamous neighborhoods of Vancouver, and the turnt up mountain roads of North Carolina.


Wraith Deck: L: 35” W: 9.625” WB: 25"-27”
9-Ply w/ Formica topsheet
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Filmed by Clayton Arthurs and Brandon Kourie

Max goes Hard In The Paint

The 71mm Harlot in HITP 'thane is significantly slicker than the standard Harlot wheel. The extra drifty urethane makes the HITP edition Harlot a perfect low-speed freeride wheel for anyone to enjoy on any type of terrain. Maximizing ease of sliding, the versatile Harlot shape is solid for hill riding, and around town slashing. The shape is designed to get wider as the wheel wears down, keeping the Harlot's riding experience exceptionally consistent over the life of the wheel. Leave your load on the road with the 'thaniest wheel in the Venom lineup.

Zak Maytum 2017 Anvil Pro Series

Zak Maytum Bombs Mount Baldy Spillway

Vans x Madrid Flypaper Sk8-Hi Pro Reissue