Madrid Skateboards x Tim Kerr - TK Wings 8.5" & 9.5 x 31” pool shape

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 "Self-Expressionist is the self-proclaimed flag I will wave. Art, music, surfing, skating, photography, movement, breathing,& living are ALL self expression for me.”

Tim Kerr is the embodiment of DIY creativity. After launching the Skate Punk genre with his band The Big Boys in 1979, he would continue on to make music with Poison 13, Bad Mutha Goose, Monkeywrench and more before settling into his current two-man instrumental project Up Around The Sun.

"Like music, art has always been something that I did and do. They are intertwined in my DNA.”

A lifelong artist, his work has been shown around the world, and he has held residencies in Ireland and Berlin. He will be in Los Angeles CA, in June 2022, and we couldn’t be more excited to release two extremely limited decks & t shirts to coincide with the occasion.

• Madrid Street Shape: L: 31 3/4" - W: 8.5" - WB: 14" 
  - Featuring Tim’s take on the iconic Madrid ‘Wings’ Logo
     - “your name here is a call to arms for the viewer to participate in their own individual forms of self-expression”


  • Custom Wings Logo Sticker designed by Tim Kerr
  • Red, Blue, Yellow Colorways
  • Madrid Street 8.5 deck